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How to Design Your Petite Kitchen
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How to Design Your Petite Kitchen

How to Design Your Petite Kitchen

How to Design Your

How to Design Your small kitchen indeed limits your moves. But if you know the tricks to overcome it through the right designs, your tiny kitchen can be comfortable. If you can properly design and decorate it, you will be able to comfortably cooking in your small kitchen. Here are some ideas that you can try.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The first trick for a petite kitchen is by using a U-shaped kitchen cabinet. With this model of kitchen cabinet, you can freely move in the middle area when you are cooking and preparing meals. Moreover, you do not have to move far away to place dirty dishes to the sink or taking out plates. You just need to turn around here and there. U-shaped kitchen cabinets create a practical and efficient kitchen.

Use Ceramics

Using ceramics in the kitchen area is a great idea. Because ceramics are easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth with a bit of detergent to clean stains and oil. You can choose ceramics as a material for your sink or backsplash. Ceramics are available in various colors and patterns. You can combine some patterns and colors to create an attractive decoration in your kitchen. This way, people will focus on your kitchen design instead of the size.

Add Windows

The main function of windows is as a pathway for air circulation and natural light from the sun. Moreover, windows can also make your petite kitchen looks more spacious. Your small kitchen will be brighter due to the natural sunlight coming through the windows. And your view will be wider to the outside of your house. As a bonus, you can open the windows when you are cooking. This way, the smoke and smell of your cooking will not get trapped in the kitchen. Windows also offer better air circulation so that you can have a healthier kitchen.

Mirror Backsplash

Besides ceramic backsplash, you can also consider choosing a mirror to be used as your kitchen backsplash. In the interior world, mirrors are a famous decoration that can also function as a solution for a small area. Moreover, mirrors can reflect the surroundings, making a petite kitchen looks more spacious and roomier. Mirrors are also easy to clean from oil, stains, and other dirt.

Open Shelves

The next trick is using open shelves. Instead of kitchen cabinets, you are highly suggested to use opened shelves in your tiny kitchen. Using kitchen cabinets in a small kitchen will make the area feels crowded and closed. So, in order to create roomy and spacious ambiances, open shelves are more recommended. Another benefit of using opened shelves is you can save more time when looking for some items.

Motivational Sentences

Do not forget to decorate your small kitchen. If you want simple decorations for your tiny kitchen, you can opt for motivational sentences in wooden frames. This kind of decoration is getting popular recently. It is simple, modern, and space-saving. You can hang it on your kitchen walls.

The Best Inspiration of Kitchen Interior Design for Small Apartment
Accessories Apartment Kitchen Appliances Kitchen Design Kitchen Furniture Kitchen Set Small Apartment Kitchen

The Best Inspiration of Kitchen Interior Design for Small Apartment

The Best Inspiration of Kitchen Interior Design for Small Apartment

The Best Inspiration

The Best Inspiration of Kitchen Interior Design for Small Apartment. Do you stay in an apartment and think about the kitchen interior design? Well, the vacant lot in the middle of the city has become a rare item. No wonder the apartment with the concept of the apartment is mushrooming. Even though it is built in layers, the size of one apartment unit is very limited. Usually only consists of one or two bedrooms, but still has a family room, bathroom, and kitchen.

Apartment kitchens are usually located in the hallway around the entrance or near balcony doors. Most of them are very small but we can make it useful and pretty. Some of the following small kitchen interior design inspirations for apartments might help you:

Kitchen with Mosaic Walls

So that a narrow-sized apartment kitchen doesn’t look boring, you can use a mosaic wall so that its aesthetic value increases. You can get these mosaic patterns from the wall or ceramic wallpaper.

The Best Inspiration for Kitchen with Wallpaper Walls

Covering the entire wall with wallpaper is not easy because not all patterns and colors can be applied. However, brown wallpaper with a simple but elegant pattern should be applied to the kitchen interior design in your small apartment.

Scandinavian Nuance

The size of the apartment kitchen is indeed very small, but if it is neatly arranged and given a little Scandinavian feel through the addition of white exposed bricks, your kitchen will look very clean.

Kitchen with Natural Stone Walls

You can also use natural stone walls to create a Scandinavian and traditional impression, especially if brown or wood colors dominate and are decorated with old photo displays that fill the walls so that it further strengthens the impression.

Color Touch

Don’t be afraid of playing colors in home design. In fact, you can also apply color games to the interior design of a small apartment kitchen. For example, a touch of red on the walls and some household furniture.

Pattern Play on The Kitchen Wall

Patterns on kitchen walls can give your kitchen a good aesthetic. However, the selection of patterns, colors, and materials must be considered. Choose a dark color but have a unique pattern, for example, a black and white pattern like a chessboard.

Well, besides the design ideas above, There are some tips for keeping the interior design in the kitchen looking elegant, including:

  • Always keep the kitchen cleaned so that it will look shinier and the color of the walls is not full of cooking dirt.
  • Choose enough kitchen furniture so that it doesn’t pile up outside the cupboard. The selected furniture should be used so that it is not useless to buy it just like that.
  • Avoid buying furniture that is only used a few times for judi dadu online. Each piece of furniture that is selected and used is enough not to exceed the same function. For example, a brand A spatula does not need to be added with a brand B spatula.
  • Choose a multi-functional kitchen cabinet. That way it will look neat and all kitchen items are placed in the cupboard. Besides being multifunctional, it must also be in line with the apartment concept being applied.
  • Choose kitchen tiles that are different from the others, so it will seem more luxurious and elegant. In addition, the art that is displayed will add more features to each appearance that is displayed.

Those are everything about the kitchen interior design ideas for your small apartment.

Color Combinations for A Small Kitchen
Accessories Apartment Kitchen Appliances Kitchen Design Kitchen Furniture Kitchen Set Small Apartment Kitchen

Color Combinations for A Small Kitchen

Color Combinations for A Small Kitchen

Color Combinations

Color Combinations for A Small Kitchen. Who knows that color combinations can make a small kitchen look more spacious? The right color combinations can create a spacious illusion. Besides wall colors, every detail in the kitchen interior, including the kitchen set, plays a role in the overall kitchen nuance. For you who have a petite kitchen, you can try these color combinations below.

Elegant Black and White

The combination of black and white is classic and timeless. Choose black kitchen sets and combine it with white kitchen walls and white countertops. With this combination, you create an elegant monochrome kitchen. The important point you have to be concerned about when applying this color combination is sufficient lighting, both from windows and lamps. Feature your petite kitchen with glass windows so that the black kitchen set will not look too dark and your kitchen looks larger.

Natural Touches of Green and Woods

Do you want to be closer with nature? Then, this color combination of green and wood colors can be your choice. By applying the natural concept, your small kitchen will look more spacious as well as refreshing and calming. You just need to combine wooden kitchen set with green kitchen walls or green kitchen cabinets that match the natural wood textures. Choose backsplash in neutral colors, like gray or white to balance those 2 kitchen elements. This way, your small kitchen will not feel crowded and small.

Color Combinations Retro Colors

An attractive kitchen paint color scheme lies in choosing the right kitchen theme. You can choose white as the main color in your small kitchen. But, retro accents in color palette options can effectively steal people’s attention. So, you can add green for a vintage touch or warm antique shabby chic accessories, and a classic carved door. A creative presentation using ideal color style is the main key to an attractive petite kitchen.

Turquoise with Red Combination

The next recommended color combination is Turquoise and red. Your small kitchen will look more cheerful when you use main colors as the focal point of the area. For example, you can combine kitchen sets and kitchen cabinets in Turquoise with red or orange kitchen walls. Do not forget to give touch of neutral colors to create a transition between primary colors in other kitchen areas. This way, the kitchen paint will overall look balanced and harmonious.

Color Combinations Soft Pastels

You can rely on soft pastel accents when you are choosing colors for your tiny kitchen. You can apply pastel colors for kitchen walls or window panels. Pastel colors are an anti-mainstream option to make your small kitchen looks larger compared to other common colors, such as white and grey. Pastel colors are suitable for tiny kitchens because they have bright bases. You can combine them with white bar stools, white sinks, or white hanging lamps. Or, you can opt for combining pastel colors with light wooden kitchen furniture.

Those are some ideas of color combinations to make a small kitchen looks larger and decorative. Which one do you want to try?