Color Combinations

Color Combinations for A Small Kitchen

Color Combinations for A Small Kitchen

Color Combinations

Color Combinations for A Small Kitchen. Who knows that color combinations can make a small kitchen look more spacious? The right color combinations can create a spacious illusion. Besides wall colors, every detail in the kitchen interior, including the kitchen set, plays a role in the overall kitchen nuance. For you who have a petite kitchen, you can try these color combinations below.

Elegant Black and White

The combination of black and white is classic and timeless. Choose black kitchen sets and combine it with white kitchen walls and white countertops. With this combination, you create an elegant monochrome kitchen. The important point you have to be concerned about when applying this color combination is sufficient lighting, both from windows and lamps. Feature your petite kitchen with glass windows so that the black kitchen set will not look too dark and your kitchen looks larger.

Natural Touches of Green and Woods

Do you want to be closer with nature? Then, this color combination of green and wood colors can be your choice. By applying the natural concept, your small kitchen will look more spacious as well as refreshing and calming. You just need to combine wooden kitchen set with green kitchen walls or green kitchen cabinets that match the natural wood textures. Choose backsplash in neutral colors, like gray or white to balance those 2 kitchen elements. This way, your small kitchen will not feel crowded and small.

Color Combinations Retro Colors

An attractive kitchen paint color scheme lies in choosing the right kitchen theme. You can choose white as the main color in your small kitchen. But, retro accents in color palette options can effectively steal people’s attention. So, you can add green for a vintage touch or warm antique shabby chic accessories, and a classic carved door. A creative presentation using ideal color style is the main key to an attractive petite kitchen.

Turquoise with Red Combination

The next recommended color combination is Turquoise and red. Your small kitchen will look more cheerful when you use main colors as the focal point of the area. For example, you can combine kitchen sets and kitchen cabinets in Turquoise with red or orange kitchen walls. Do not forget to give touch of neutral colors to create a transition between primary colors in other kitchen areas. This way, the kitchen paint will overall look balanced and harmonious.

Color Combinations Soft Pastels

You can rely on soft pastel accents when you are choosing colors for your tiny kitchen. You can apply pastel colors for kitchen walls or window panels. Pastel colors are an anti-mainstream option to make your small kitchen looks larger compared to other common colors, such as white and grey. Pastel colors are suitable for tiny kitchens because they have bright bases. You can combine them with white bar stools, white sinks, or white hanging lamps. Or, you can opt for combining pastel colors with light wooden kitchen furniture.

Those are some ideas of color combinations to make a small kitchen looks larger and decorative. Which one do you want to try?